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Brand Visor

A media-dashboard system

Operates on the basis of Brand Analytics
Available for tariffs starting with «Basic»


Brand Visor is a system of real-time dashboards with a 360-degree of company’s media field analytics: in social media and mass-media. Flexible settings allow for creating dashboards for different departments of your company within 5 minutes, according to your tasks and KPI

For different company departments

Brand Visor allows to customize dashboards according to the tasks of various company departments:

  • top management: understand what is happening with the company at any time
  • situation center: monitoring of reputational threats, the availability of company services in the regions of presence, etc.
  • industry dashboard: competitive analysis in the “Share Of Voice 2.0” format, analysis of the perception of products and activities of market players
  • PR-dashboard: tracking newsbreaks and performance indicators

Quick setting for a wide array of tasks

Using our flexible settings, you can create a dashboard library for any task.

While creating a dashboard, you can choose:

  • a monitoring topic, filter or topic comparison
  • widget location variants
  • dataset for every widget
  • style for charts

All of it within 5 minutes.

Гибкая настройка

Real-time updates

Brand Visor automatically updates its data and charts in real-time mode. Every user can select a preferred update time and use the dashboard in a fully automatic mode.

Реал-тайм обновление

Adapts for any screen size

Graphical visualization and animations support any type of screen: from laptop screen to stationary displays and TV’s of any format.

You can turn on the full-screen mode as well as change the dashboard’s color scheme.


Brand Analytics
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