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Brand Visor

Media dashboard for top management

Operates on the basis of Brand Analytics
Available for tariffs starting with «Expanded»

Brand Visor is a picture of media trends and reputational risks around the company and its senior officers in all media channels, a picture always “close at hand”

Who needs Brand Visor?

Brand Visor is designed for top managers of commercial companies and senior government officials

The dashboard “highlights” the main threats to the company reputation in mass media, social media and among opinion leaders. Just a few seconds, and the current picture is on a single screen

Configurable settings

Our high number of metrics and message attributes, coupled with our configurable data-segmentation system, makes it possible to solve the widest range of problems, from reputation control and real-time marketing to in-depth research.

Real-time updates

Brand Visor updates the data automatically in real-time mode. Graphical visualization with animation supports any stationary screens and personal devices.

Brand Analytics
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demonstration access

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