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Media monitoring

Up-to-date media monitoring
with AI analysis and mobile notifications

Operates on Brand Analytics Available for tariffs starting with «Startup +»

The Brand Analytics system includes a dedicated solution for monitoring and analysis of online media, newspapers, magazines and the federal TV channels. What we offer is not downloading, but an up-to-date real-time Artificial Intelligence-based analysis system with transparent metrics, trends, auto-tagging by topics, end-to-end filtering and presentation reports with any set of filtering parameters. Push notifications and a mobile app.

Full and real-time monitoring

40,000+ media

Brand Analytics enables real-time media collection and analysis for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Armenia. The monitoring database contains over 40,000 «living» online and offline media, including transcripts of broadcasts from the federal TV channels, as well as over 700 federal and regional print publications. At the client’s request, we can add up to 10 new sources per month. Annual retro-data are available starting from the «Startup+» tariff.

Automatic data analysis

A transparent Media Presence Index for any media space snapshot, calculated automatically on the basis of media citation index in social media and a role in publications.

An object-focused sentiment, based on neural networks, enables a sentiment analysis accuracy unique to the market and calculation of the Loyalty metrics.

Identifying trends, including for persons and companies unknown to the system. Auto-tagging by user-defined search queries.


Flexibly adjustable notifications for any type of event: references in federal and/or regional media, in specific media or media groups, with any change in the nature or intensity of references. And all this is easily accessible: notifications are received via a mobile app, Telegram or email.


Downloaded reports in presentation format are compiled by any media space snapshot and have no limitations, either by the number of downloads or by the number of subscriptions, which can be customized according to a calendar schedule convenient to you.

For reports, any format can be selected: Word, PDF, Excel, as well as CSV or Json.

Mobile app

The app has been designed to provide for an instant receipt of publications and notifications important to the company in order to enable proactive management decision-making. Notifications are customizable for all significant changes in company’s media space.

Brand Analytics
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