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Assistance for foundations

Russia takes 126th place from among 140 countries across the globe in charity ratings, according to CAF. Making all the more important everyone’s participation in the development of charity in Russia, and we’re making our own small contribution – helping to help.

Analysis of the information space is currently no less relevant to charity organizations than to commercial brands. Realizing this, we grant free access to the system, provide training and consulting support in the area of social media analysis to charity foundations.

The use of social media analytics in the activity of foundations makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of communications, assess the effectiveness of actions and events, control reputational risks.

Any charity foundation, volunteer association or social project may contact us. We would be happy to grant access to Brand Analytics, provide training in working with the system, consult you in the configuration and handling of your tasks through social media analysis.

Program of Assistance to Charity Foundations

  • We provide a free-of-charge account in Brand Analytics in the “Startup” tariff
  • We conduct training in working in the system
  • We consult in monitoring topic setting, working in the system, solving problems in the area of social media analysis

In the vast majority of cases, a foundation’s tasks are handled within the framework of the “Startup” tariff. When this is not the case, we discuss with the foundation the use of a more senior tariff.

To participate in the program, just complete the Access Request, write “Foundation” in the promo code field, and we’ll contact you.

We already help dozens of foundations. Our first partners were:

  • Фонд Подари Жизнь
    Gift of Life Foundation
  • Фонд «Расправь крылья!»
    Spread Your Wings! Foundation
  • Фонд борьбы с лейкемией
    Leukemia Foundation
  • Фонд борьбы с лейкемией
    To Help is Easy Foundation
  • Благотворительный фонд «Подсолнух»
    Sunflower Charity Foundation
  • Благотворительный фонд «Центр Здоровой Молодежи»
    Center for Healthy Youth Charity Foundation
  • Гринпис России
    Greenpeace of Russia