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Best social media & mass-media analytics system
1st place in the AdIndex 2022 rating, according to users and experts
2nd place in Europe in international rating of G2 2020


We help to understand customers and find right solutions

Brand Analytics will show what people are saying about your brand and competitors in social media. What do customers appreciate, and what keeps them from making a purchase? How are advertising and PR activities perceived? Are there any problems with the product or customer service? Which new offers by competitors arouse interest? Understanding customer experience with Brand Analytics means right solutions today and business leadership tomorrow.

Total control of information-space

Best integrity and quality of data acquisition from all sources, namely social networking sites, video hostings, map services, public channels and messenger chats, review websites, forums, blogs, marketplaces, online media, newspapers, magazines and federal channels.

Unique access to the complete real-time public data stream under direct contract.

All types of messages and data. Monitoring message text, recognized picture texts, video transcripts, check-ins, stories.

Сбор данных

Solution of a wide range of problems

Our high number of metrics and message attributes, coupled with our configurable data-segmentation system, makes it possible to solve a widest range of problems, from reputation control and real-time marketing to in-depth research.


Machine learning and linguistics

Automatic recognition of mentions sentiment with 85-90% accuracy. Machine-learning algorithms categorize messages, identify media-space trends, aggression, recognize texts in images, etc.

Машинное обучение и лингвистика

Unique Alert System

Configurable alert messages will protect your reputation and report threats on time in any way convenient for you: via your mobile app, Telegram or email.

Уникальная система оповещений

Save time on data analysis

High level of automation for quick analytics. Automated tagging, trend detection, personalized reports, filtration of various kinds of spam and irrelevant messages.

Simple and user-friendly interface makes preparing most complex analytic reports possible in minimal time.

Анализ данных

Geolocation analytics

Monitoring mentions by geo-tags and check-ins enables one to control customer-service quality and services availability for all types of distributed business: retail, transport, chain stores, food-service chains, municipal services, cultural, sports and any other major events.

Аналитика геолокаций


Social media

messages per month

  • Social Media: Vkontakte,
    Odnoklassniki, Rutube,
    YouTube, Instagram*,
    TikTok, Facebook*, etc.

  • Blogs, forums, review websites

  • Telegram channels and public chats

Mass media


  • Information agencies, online media, industry sites, news aggregators

  • TV and radio broadcast transcripts

  • Newspapers, magazines



*Facebook and Instagram have been labeled extremist and banned in Russian Federation

Questions & Answers

  • How does Brand Analytics differ from other monitoring systems?

    With Brand Analytics, you will find significantly more mentions of your brand – without missing important messages. The difference is 30-50% compared to other systems, or even 200-300% compared to some of them.

    Brand Analytics isn’t just monitoring social networking sites – it is a tool for comprehensive analysis of collected data. The high number of automated metrics and attributes enables solving the widest range of problems, from reputation control and real-time marketing to in-depth research.

    Brand Analytics will save your time on data analysis and comprehension. To that end, we have created and continue to develop tools that identify necessary information immediately among the large scope of messages, and automate considerably the manual work of data encoding and generation of personalized reports.

  • What is the difference between Brand Analytics and Brand Analytics Express?

    ВА Express is a tool for simple monitoring of mentions, while Brand Analytics provides analytical capabilities above and beyond plain monitoring.

    We recommend using ВА Express to small companies with up to 300 related messages published in social media every month. In such cases, it is important to receive information on mentions in a timely manner in order to identify reputational threats, while there is no need for automated analysis.

    In case the scope of mentions is larger, deeper research can be conducted on the basis of data, namely: studying the target audience, its insights and complaints; assessing the effectiveness of communications; conducting a competitive analysis; managing reputation; and much more. In such cases, it would be better to opt for one of Brand Analytics tariffs, so that all social media analytics capabilities are used to their maximum effect.

  • How do you determine message sentiment?

    In order to recognize the sentiment of messages, we use our proprietary linguistic-analysis system - Eureka Engine. Sentiment is recognized with respect to predefined object: brand, company, product or person. The recognition methodology is based on the statistical algorithm CRF, featuring the use of tonal (sentiment) dictionaries. You can check out how the sentiment recognition works here.

  • Can you collect comments to messages?

    Yes, Brand Analytics collects comments to posts on social networking sites and in blogs, as well as comments to the news published in the mass media.

  • What should we do if we need monitor sources that are not in your base?

    Send us links to these websites, and we will include them in the monitoring. We add up to 10 sources per month for our customers, free of charge. But such a need doesn’t arise very often, since we already have most of the active sources and track and connect new sources independently.

  • Do you have an archive of messages, and for what period?

    Yes, we have been storing all Russian-language messages from social media in our archive since August 2012. This is a unique archive, since it consists of the entirety of social media messages as opposed to the limited volume collected on the basis of small number of search queries. Currently, the archive volume exceeds 100 bln messages. Access to the archive is provided at extra charge, upon request. In case of subscription to standard Brand Analytics tariffs, the archive is available for one month.

  • What languages does Brand Analytics track mentions in?

    Brand Analytics can monitor messages in 67 languages: Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, English, German, etc. Standard tariffs include monitoring in Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Moldavian (Romanian), Uzbek and Tatar. The use of other monitoring languages can be agreed upon separately, upon request.

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